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Cannot detect COM3

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  • Cannot detect COM3

    I have a NetMos PCI Multi I/O Controller with dual serial ports.
    I am running Burn In Pro 5.3 under Win XP Pro w/ SP2 & latest updates.
    Windows hardware says COM3 & 4 are installed correctly and functioning.
    Burn In will not detect Com3. COM4 tests ok. I swapped I/O cards with another new one and completely uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers to no avail. Same symptom. Why won't COM3 detect?

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    We have never used the NetMos PCI Multi I/O Controller card, but we have tested the software with other serial port cards. Without any problems.

    What are the error messages, if any, in the BurnInTest log?

    Maybe there is a conflict between the card and a motherboard COM3?

    From device manager in the Advanced COM port settings it is possible to rename the port. Can you rename COM3 to COM5 and try again.


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      Cannot detect COM3

      I found it. The modem was on COM3. There were no conflicts indicated in the control panel/system/hardware. I had looked at the modem but missed the Advanced Settings button. Thanks for the memory jog.
      I just renamed the modem port to Com 5, rebooted and the multi I/O Dual Serial ports COM3 & 4 are fine.