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  • dvd/cd rom test

    I have both a dvd rom and a dvd+/-RW drive in my computer. If I put in a cd rom and run the burn in test on the drives they are fine. If I put in a dvd in ither of the drives the errors start to pile up when trying to read. Any suggestions?

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    Do you mean that if you put a DVD in the DVD-ROM then you start to see errors from the DVD-RW (which still has a CD in it)? Or do you mean that the drives work fine with a CD but neitehr drives work with a DVD.

    What type of errors are you seeing and what is the frequency? Are they Windows errors or errors logged in BurnIntest? Are you running BurnInTest at all when you see the errors? What version of BurnInTest? What type of DVD do you put in the drive (Video or data)? What are the CD/DVD test settings in BurnInTest.