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Burn in test lock ups

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  • Burn in test lock ups

    Hello i am having a few problems on one of my machines, one works fine.
    The other however, Burn in test will crash if i run tests on any of the following....

    MMX tests,
    Ram tests,
    3d graphics,

    I have made sure all the drivers and bios etc, is set correctly, does anyone have any idea as to get rounf these problems, the computer seems to run ok most the time.

    Thanks in advance.

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    What type of crash and which O/S are you running? Was it a blue screen of death, was it a reboot of the PC, was it just BurnIntest that crashed? What was the text of the error message or crash message. What are the specs of your machine? Have you checked for overheating.

    If the MMX test causes a 'crash' by itself it is more than likely you have a hardware problem with your computer. The MMX test is a really simple test that hasn't changed in the BurnIntest software for several years (so it is very unlikely to have a bug in it).