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BurninTest has encountered an error and will close

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  • BurninTest has encountered an error and will close

    I'm getting a box with the message "Burnintest has encountered an error during testing and will close. This problem is most often caused by BurninTest exercising a system component that has failed..." But the test is still running in the background, and the operation numbers are climbing and no errors are reported on any of the tests. Shouldn't it be showing me which component is failing? If it doesn't, how do I know which is the problem? I'm running tests on CPU (Maths and SIMD) RAM, 2D and 3D graphics, Disk, sound, and network. This is a test I've used on other machines without this error. I'm running BurninTest Pro 5.3 build 1011. Thanks, Thane

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    In some rare cases BurnInTest can exercise a system component that causes an unrecoverable software error. An example of this may be exercising 3D graphics, with a bug in the graphics card device driver that only materializes under certain conditions. Prior to V5.3.1010 BurnInTest would just close in these rare cases. From V5.3.1010 we trap this error from the operating system to help identify which test thread (e.g. 3D test thread) has stopped working, and hence help identify where the problem may be.

    Are all of the tests still running, as I would expect 1 test (thread) has stopped and this is the test that has provoked the problem?

    What is the full error message you get with the addresses and are the addresses always the same?

    Does this problem occur on every test run on this system and how long into testing does the problem occur?



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      Thanks! I upgraded the video driver and that fixed the problem. I should have looked more closely at each test, but it looked like the numbers were still climbing when I glanced at it. T