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i can' found clock.avi file under Vista.

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  • i can' found clock.avi file under Vista.

    hi All,
    After i installed BurnIn test program on Vista system,When start BurnIn test, the Video Playback Option would generate some errors, the prompt information is: " Video format not supported or invalid"

    so i entered the Video file path "C:\Windows\",i can't found clock.avi file under this path. would you please tell me why?

    OS: Vista Professional Ultimate
    BurnIn version: BurnIn 5.3(bulid 1012)
    The test Option of BurnIn test:CPU, RAM,Disk,2D,3D,Network, Sound,Video Playback.

    thanks a lot!


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    The clock video is just a convenient example. It might not exist on Vista anymore. In the test preferences window, just select a video file that is on your machine.

    There are also some sample videos here, they are in commonly used file formats and compression types (6 sample files) to be used with the BurnInTest Video Playback test (10MB download).


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      Used sample videos file, have some error prompt inform.

      thanks for share sample videos file with me.

      but when i select anyone avi video or mpeg video file in the BurnInTest Video Playback of preferences window, i saw error prompt:"Video Playback is dropping samples."

      i found some descriptions from BIT_Users_Guide_Ed5_3.pdf,it said that we can changeing fie line from:
      182," Video Playback is dropping samples".WARNING.
      182," Video Playback is dropping samples".NONE
      But i can't modify this information follow this method.
      do you have any advice?

      thanks a lot!
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        Frame dropping can indicate that you system isn't powerful enough to play back the video in question (or is overloaded).

        > But i can't modify this information

        Why not, what was the problem?