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Video Memory corruption

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  • Video Memory corruption

    I am experiencing some serious problems with a game I am playing (Lineage 2), graphic distortions, game and pc crashes, black screens etc.

    I run BurnInTest for 24 minutes and it showed
    2D Graphics 12 12019 FAIL 38463 Video memory corruption

    Can someone plz tell me what that means?
    Do I need to ask for my graphics card to be exchanged with a new one or can this problem be fixed?

    My configuration is

    AMD 64 X2 dual 4200+
    MSI MB (don't remember exact type, but bought it a year ago and it was top chipset then)
    GPU NV 7900 GS 256 MB
    1 GB ram (dual)

    Thank you in advance

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    Most game related problems are the fault of the game itself (i.e. a bug, or incompatibility with particular hardware).

    The 2nd most common cause are bugs in the video card device driver. The 3rd most common problem is sound drivers, MB drivers and bugs in other device drivers.

    The 4th most common problem is spyware, viruses and other crappy 3rd party software.

    Faulty hardware is more rare. So if you see problems with only 1 game, then it is likely that it is the game or the drivers at fault.

    If you see problems with multiple games then drivers or bad hardware is more likely.

    See this old post about video memory corruption issues. Video memory corruption issues might cause display corruption, but should not cause PC crashes, nor blank screens.