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Error Box appears when run BurnIn Test V5.3,but no error reported

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  • Error Box appears when run BurnIn Test V5.3,but no error reported

    Dear Sir,
    I'm getting a error box with the message
    "Exception Processing Message 0xc0000013 Parameters
    0x756F92A0 0x00000004 0x756F92A0 0x756F92A0".
    The title of the box is "Windows -no disk".
    This error box often appears when install BurnIn Test V5.3 before registration, we click any button(Cancel/ Retry/ Continue) of the error box ,the error box disappear and at the same time the registration box of BurnIn test V5.3 appears. After registration we run BurnIn test for about 14 hours, the error box appear again, but no error reported on any of the tests.
    I'm running tests on CPU (Maths and SIMD) ,DVD,RAM, 2D and 3D graphics, Disks, video, sound, and network.
    Can you help to give me some suggestion about this issue?

    Test Machine message:
    OS:Vista 6000
    Memory:Qimonda 4G
    HDD:Seagate 500GB*2

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    This is a Vista configuration issue it seems. It is the O/S displaying this message, not our software. According to Google it is often associated with having removable mass storage devices attached to the computer (USB drives, IPODs MP3 players, etc..). There doesn't seem to be 1 clear solution to the problem as many people on the Net (who aren't using our software) reported many different solutions.

    It might be related to particular applications polling storage devices for the presence of media, and one of the storage devices (which is misconfiged) throwing this error.


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      Thanks for your reply, it's very useful for me,
      and sorry for my poor knowledge!
      Wish you have a nice dream tonight!