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Burnin Test 5.3 HDD Fault

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  • Burnin Test 5.3 HDD Fault

    Hi all,

    Running Burnin Test 5.3 on a new system with 3 x Seagate SataII HDD on a P35 chipset based board and E8500 CPU.

    I am seeing an error "Error while reading from the disk" appearing roughly 10 - 20 times during a 12 hour burn-in test on any of the three HDD.

    I have run the Seagate tools wizard over all of the drives and it has not found any faults.

    I have seen the same error on a different machine running similar specs.

    The initial system is running Windows Vista 64-bit, and the second machine is running Windows XP Home.

    Not entirely sure what the problem may be, as the systems are both very stable and fast, but fail the testing.

    For the record, an almost identical system just passed a 12 hour test with no fault found.The only difference is a Q6600 as opposed to an E8500.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    It might have helped if you had posted the full error from the BurnInTest log. I think there is an additional details and an error code that might provide more details.

    Are the drive in a RAID config? Are you testing them all at the same time? What settings did you select in BurnInTest?

    Could be bad drives, could be bad device drivers, bad HD controller, or some other subtile problem like another process locking the test files used by BurnInTest. Hard to know without more detail.