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Issues deleting test patterns for removeable storage

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  • Issues deleting test patterns for removeable storage

    Hi, Many thanks for all your continued help to me on this fourm! I was cycling a USB drive and started getting "Test file could not be created, Check access previlage.." messages. Looking at the drive, it looks like the test patterns are still on the drive and it cannot delete the patterns off. Is there something amiss with the way I've set up the cycling or is there a potential issue with drive? Again, many thanks with your continued help


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    After testing BurnInTest deletes the files it uses for the disk test.

    If BurnInTest can't delete the files and you also can't delete them from Windows Explorer, then this would indicate a problem with the file system.

    File system problems could be as a result of a hardware fault, but there is a small chance it was just some random software issue. I would backup everything important off this drive (if you still can) and then reformat. Then repeat the test with BurnInTest. If it fails again it is almost certainly a bad drive (or maybe a fake drive).