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Network Error - Timeout waiting for packet

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  • Network Error - Timeout waiting for packet


    I use the Burn-In software Version 5.3 Pro.

    My hardware to test:
    - 82573E 10/100/1000MBit Network controller
    - 82562GZ 10/100MBit Network controller

    My Clients:
    - 82562GZ 10/100MBit Network controller
    - 82562ET 10/100MBit Network controller

    My problem now:
    If I don't set the connection between the gigabit-controller and one megabit controller manually to 100MBit/s Full Duplex I get the following error -> Timeout waiting for packet.

    Does anybody knows this error?

    Best regards

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    Timeout waiting for packet during the Standard Network test indicates that the test packet was sent successfully, but there was a timeout waiting for the response. The timeout duration is configured in Preferences->Network, Timeout. I would try a few different timeout values and see if this tells you anything.

    When you refer to controller, I assume you referring to the Network adapter on the Motherboard and this is what you are changing?

    Is it the change from Half Duplex to Full Duplex or the change from Gigabit to 100 Megabit that makes the difference?

    You refer to setting a "one megabit controller manually to 100MBit/s Full Duplex", huh?

    With the settings where an error is reported does the network connection seem to work? You could try "ping" from a command prompt to check.