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BurnInTest For Linux Version 2 Beta Release

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    Errors with Raw Disks

    I have been testing the raw disk and getting an error.
    If I partition, format and mount three test drives they all pass BurnIn Test. but when I wipe the disks and remove their entry from fstab and then re-test as raw I get this error on all three drives:
    Seek size requested not equal to actual
    While I'm here, i'd like to ask a couple of questions.
    If a drive actually has a partition but is not mounted and does not have an entry in fstab, would you expect Bit to still see it as a raw disk? I would like to be able to run the raw disk test in these cirumstances, is this possible?

    Would it be possible to un-clutter the test preferences/Disk window? Would it be possible to remove cdrom entries and as I am experimenting with knoppix things like
    Startup Disk: [/dev/root]"
    "Media (KNOPPIX) [/dev/cloop].
    Finally, and this one gets the most comments when I demo the linux version: as the test disk info normally exceeds the field size (requiring expanding the field via the mouse), would you consider changing something like
    Media (/media/sdb1) [/dev/sdb1]
    to just
    I understand I cannot speak for others and we are very new to linux here, but we just need to know the drive or drive/partition we are trying to test.

    Please don't give up on the linux version, for us I'm sure it's going to be the way to go. We use your Windows version for a small returns dept but for our raw input we use manufactures diags. When I can pull this project together we will be transferring over to linux.



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      When you delete the partitions did you reboot at all, as BurnInTest can only tell if a disk has no partitions by information available from /dev and deleting partitions on the drive does not usually update this information.

      If a drive has a partition but isn't mounted BurnInTest should not detect it as a raw disk. It isn't possible to run the raw disk test on a disk with partitions as it is likely to corrupt any partition information or data on the disk.

      We'll look at removing the CDROM entries where we can, we'll also look at expanding the size of the first field rather than shortening the description as a device could have more than one mount point.


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        This thread is now closed as the official release of BurnIntest for Linux V2 has taken place.

        If you find any new problems, please start a new thread.

        Thanks everyone for testing the beta release.