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Is it the motherboard?

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  • Is it the motherboard?

    I am using a asus a7S333 motherboard with an Athlon 1800+ processor and 2 sticks of 512 2700 ddr running w2k server with a Geforce mmx 400 video card.

    After running the burn in test(v4.0 std evaluation) I pass the RAM, CPU, and other test with no erros of any kind. However, my machine cuts off sporatically during the test as I start to run them more.

    Whats strange is my machine wont cut off when burning a DVD, but ripping a song to mp3 using audiograbber or some other minor task just makes this baby go to sleep. Could it be the motherboard? If not, what do I need to check?

    Somebody HELPPPP! please post and email me :

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    This post was moved from the PerformanceTest form to the BurnInTest forum.

    When you say cuts off, I assume you mean that the entire system reboots or powers down? And it is not just BurnInTest which crashes. leaving the O/S running.

    If it is a reboot, then this is normally an indication of a hardware problem or a device driver bug.

    If you have several machines to play with, I would,
    1/ Confirm this dosen't happen when using a different motherboard, RAM and graphics card

    2/ Confirm this does happen on a different machine that has the same type of MB, RAM & graphics card.

    3/ Start to reduce the tests being run in BurnInTest to limit the hardware being used. For example, turn off the 3D and 2D video test and see if the fault disappears. Try and work out which particular test causes the problem, this can often help locate the faulty hardware.

    4/ Try using the same MB with a different type of video card.

    5/ Try using different RAM.

    6/ Search the net for people with similar problems using similar hardware.

    There are also other possibilities. It might be timing of bus signals, BIOS
    issues, EMI, power supply or heat issues.



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      I have since used a hardware diagnostic tool called PC-tech aid. It also points to BIOS.

      Thanks for the tip. It helped save a gang of time. Probobly time for new cpu and motherboard anyway!