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Under WinPE, Display Problem with Preferences

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  • Under WinPE, Display Problem with Preferences

    As mentioned here, I've been working on supporting BurnInTest Pro v5.3 under the WinPE from Vista SP1 and the one issue I've been unable to resolve is a display problem with the Preferences dialog.

    Specifically, the text on each Preference tab is displayed with a larger font causing the content to get cut off as shown in the following screenshot:

    To attempt resolving this issue, I've tried adding Arial, Courier New, and Time News Roman fonts to my WinPE image, but I didn't see any difference. It also doesn't appear to be caused by a missing dependency based on various utiltities I've used to check the program.

    Therefore, I would appreciate any help or insights you might be able to provide. Thank you.

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    For BurnInTest v5.x, you need the MS Sans Serif 8 font installed. We have had several reports (with XP embedded) where this font seemed to be installed, but the actual font file was missing. So, if this font appears to be installed then delete it and re-install it. This has resolved the problem in all cases reported.

    For BurnInTest v6.0, you need Tahoma 8.



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      Great, thanks for information Ian and WinPE was in a similar state, so that indeed resolved the problem.