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  • Burnin test certificate

    Hi. I'm using burnintest with winpe 3.0 (seven 7100 beta) environment and i have some minor problems with it.
    When I use as output log the customer certificate, I have the following problems.

    The operating system is recognized as vista ultimate build 7100 instead of windows seven.

    I don’t get hdd information at system summary. The line is completely missing.

    I don’t get the accurate cpu speed at the description tab. For example sometimes for a cpu @ 1,8ghz i get something like ... cpu @ 1,8GHZ (800MHz).

    I would like also to be possible to remove the video card line. Because of the directx lack I get something like
    Video card (resolution: 0x0x0).

    I use the latest version and i start bit.exe with -x -a switches

    Thanks in advance
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    We are looking at WinPE this week. But I am not sure if we will be looking at that beta release. But we should have a document available very soon that described how to get BurnInTest and WinPE working.

    For the record, exactly which version of BurnIinTest are you using. People often think they have the "latest", but actually don't.

    We'll have a look at the system information issues also.


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      thanks for the quick reply!!!
      I had no problem to make it work but i had the above problems...
      I used version 6.0 build 1008. Don't worry about this beta release. I got the same results with winpe 2.1. It seems to be burnintest problems.

      Something else i would like to ask is, if it is possible to have vga tests that are independent from directx. You know just for a better looking log in winpe.


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        The information about the video card is read out of the registry on a static system. The WinPE does not have the information in the registry that BIT is looking for, this is why it is blank.

        Also, shortly an RC for the WAIK should be available for Windows 7.

        With my testing, there is no way to get any video tests to start because firstly the video card is not seen properly. I had gotten DirectX to be installed and working in PE v2.1 but it always ended up failing with "video card does not support DirectX" errors. Even if you use PEIMG to put in the video card drivers, Win PE still uses the default drivers, and DirectX options are not in that driver. I found this out when trying to manually load the video drivers and it returns an exit code which translates to "a better driver is already being used by this device" as you may have seen that in Windows before.


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          We are currently testing with WinPE. We plan to address the issues you raised in a new build of BurnInTest this week (as well as some other minor changes). For the HDD and video information, for now we will simply exclude these sections for a WinPE build. We also plan to release a document describing the WinPE setup with BurnInTest (based on a document Tripredacus was nice enough to provide me with).

          One item we can't reproduce is the CPU speed being 'incorrect'. The 1,8GHz you refer to is the stock speed. The 800MHz is the measured speed, and is only displayed if it is not approximately equal to the stock speed. In your case I assume that the CPU is in a low power state and (the CPU multiplier has been dropped) sometimes when BurnInTest is started and sometimes not. What CPU are you testing with and is it running at stock speed (no over/under clocking)?



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            Thanks Ian. Good news for the pe users of burnitest.

            I see a misunderstanding about the hdd properties. I have exactly the opposite problem. In the log i see no informations about hdd(s). The line is completely missing.

            About the cpu line. i see that burnintest logs the idle speed of the cpu.
            Take a look at the examples:

            System component Description
            Computer Name MININT-PE4525Q
            Machine type
            Machine serial # 090518152823
            Operating system Windows Vista Ultimate Edition build 7100 (32-bit)
            CPU type Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU E1500 @ 2.20GHz (1685.5 MHz)
            RAM 2038 MB
            Video card (Resolution: 0x0x0)
            Optical drive HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH22NS40 ATA Device

            System component Description
            Computer Name MININT-KDNEO55
            Machine type
            Machine serial # 090518150511
            Operating system Windows Vista Ultimate Edition build 7100 (32-bit)
            CPU type Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz (2153.3 MHz)
            RAM 2038 MB
            Video card (Resolution: 0x0x0)
            Optical drive HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH22NS40 ATA Device

            I know that during the test the cpu freq raise. In the log i see the result of speedstep. But you know, some customers are complaining that the test are not reliable, cause they think that we use it with cpu underclocked.

            Also the machine type is shown even if it left blank.


            Thanks for the info Tripredacus
            For directx in pe you just copy directx dlls in system 32 and everything is ok or i should add any registry entries?
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              I'll have to run a test and check to see what kinda HDD info I get in mine.

              As far as DirectX, it took me over a week to get it "working" and I didn't document everything. If you want to play with it, here's something to get you started. I won't be able to help you with DX9 in PE any more than this:

              To install DirectX 9.0c:
              - Download the DirectX 9.0c redistributable.
              - extract the contents of DXNT.CAB.
              - copy all DLL and SYS files to System32
              - create the path System32\DirectX\DInput and copy all PNG and INI files into there.

              Extract, put d3dx9_39.dll into system32.
              Download DirectX 9.0c March 2009, put d3dx9_41.dll into system32.

              ** note: these steps fool BIT into thinking DirectX is installed.

              Copy the following to system32:
              dxdiag.exe, dplaysvr.exe, dpnsvr.exe, joy.cpl,,,, d3d9d.dll, dinput8d.dll, dmusicd.dll.

              Ran depends on BIT.EXE and DXDIAG.EXE and finds these missing dependencies:
              apphelp.dll, clbcatq.dll, devmgr.dll, efsadu.dll, linkinfo.dll, netplwiz.dll, ntshrui.dll, puiapi.dll, query.dll, rpchttp.dll, shdocvw.dll, windowscodecs.dll. They go into System32.

              Depends part two: hlink.dll, msi.dll, msoert2.dll, all to system32.
              DXDIAG does not open because a resource is not registered. Unknown how to find out which one.

              Possible reason for continued video failure: unable to determine if proper video driver is installed. Manual run of drvload to the INF in the PE for the video card returns 0x80070103, which is equivalent to the common Windows message of "a better driver for this device is already installed".

              Full DirectX errors:
              - InitDirectDraw failed 0x80004005


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                You may want to use trace logging instead. You get more information. I use this method, so my results do not look the same as yours. Also, I am using different PE version and likely different BIT version. Here is the cfg from my log:

                Date: 05/20/09 03:47:53
                BurnInTest V6.0 Pro 1007
                Trace detail level: Activity trace 2
                SYSTEM SUMMARY
                Windows Vista Ultimate Edition Service Pack 1 build 6001 (32-bit),
                1 x Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz,
                2.0GB RAM,
                System Name: MININT-Q3URFBR
                Motherboard Manufacturer: MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD
                Motherboard Name: MS-7529
                Motherboard Version: 1.0
                BIOS Manufacturer: American Megatrends Inc.
                BIOS Version: V2.2
                BIOS Release Date: 10/20/2008
                CPU manufacturer: GenuineIntel
                CPU Type: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz
                CPUID: Family 6, Model 17, Stepping 6
                Physical CPU's: 1
                Cores per CPU: 2
                Hyperthreading: Not capable
                CPU features: MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSSE3 PAE Intel64 
                Clock frequencies:
                   Measured CPU speed: 2402.8 MHz
                   Multiplier: x12.0
                   Scalable Bus Speed: 200.0 MHz
                   Front Side Bus: 800.0 MHz
                Cache per CPU package:
                   L1 Instruction Cache: 2 x 32 KB
                   L1 Data Cache: 2 x 32 KB
                   L2 Cache: 1 x 2048 KB
                Total Physical Memory: 2038MB
                Available Physical Memory: 1610MB
                Memory devices:
                   - 2048MB, 
                   - Not populated 
                DISK VOLUMES
                A:  Floppy
                C:  Local drive, NTFS, (74.53GB total, 74.44GB free)
                D:  Optical drive, G71-MIB1016, iHAP122 8, CDFS
                X:  Local drive, Boot, NTFS, (0.03GB total, 0.03GB free)
                DISK DRIVES
                OPTICAL DRIVES
                D: ATAPI iHAP122 8 (CD-RW/DVDRW)
                Realtek RTL8101 Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0) (Speed: 100Mb/s)
                Mouse Port: PS/2  connector
                Keyboard Port: PS/2  connector
                   USB not detected
                Things to note, I do not have it attempt to test video, but either way GRAPHICS always shows up blank. Also BIT sees USB keyboard and mouse as PS2. Also, I use diskpart to format the drive prior to loading BIT.


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                  We have released a new build of BurnInTest (V6.0.1009) that better supports Microsoft WinPE.

                  We have also documented the process to build WinPE with BurnInTest (thanks to Tripredacus for supplying us with much of the content which we used to test and refine the document).

                  We will build on ths document over time.

                  BurnInTest V6.0.1009 includes the following changes:
                  - Windows 7 Operating system now supported.
                  - Improvements to CPU speed measurement for a system in a low power state.
                  When BurnInTest V6.0.1009 is run under WinPE:
                  - Some HDD information is now included for WinPE.
                  - Graphics and USB system information sections have been removed as the information is not available under WinPE.
                  - The automatically select disk drives and optical drives options will now
                  not select the X: drive (the WinPE RAM drive).

                  Please note that the raw disk test is not supported under WinPE in BurnInTest currently.

                  Also BIT sees USB keyboard and mouse as PS2.
                  Actually BurnInTest sees that there is a PS/2 mouse port - not that a mouse is connected. The USB information is unavailable.

                  Thanks Tripredacus.



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                    ok here what i get with the new version:

                    System summary
                    System component Description
                    Computer Name MININT-R5VE3TS
                    Machine type
                    Machine serial # 0909090909
                    Operating system Ultimate Edition build 7100 (32-bit)
                    CPU type Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz (1603.8 MHz)
                    RAM 3063 MB
                    Disk drive Model (Size: 698.6GB)
                    Optical drive PLEXTOR DVDR PX-820SA ATA Device

                    Result summary
                    Test Start time Wed May 20 12:11:53 2009
                    Test Stop time Wed May 20 12:12:30 2009
                    Test Duration 000h 00m 37s
                    Test Result
                    CPU PASS
                    Memory (RAM) PASS
                    Sound PASS
                    Network 1 PASS
                    Disk (C PASS
                    TEST RUN PASSED

                    As you see, except the cpu speed there are no other problems


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                      Originally posted by Ian (PassMark) View Post
                      Also BIT sees USB keyboard and mouse as PS2.
                      Actually BurnInTest sees that there is a PS/2 mouse port - not that a mouse is connected. The USB information is unavailable.

                      Thanks Tripredacus.

                      No problem. The unit I used for testing does not have PS2 ports, but maybe the hardware inside still reports it is capable?


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                        BurnInTest does does ramp up the CPU prior to taking the measurement. Does this only happen when using BurnInTest with WinPE, or do you see the same behaviour when using BurnInTest on a system with an operating system installed?

                        Do you only see the problem on Windows 7?



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                          I' ve made a clean installation of win seven and burnintest logs the same speed (1603mhz) for this cpu :
                          type Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz (1603.8 MHz).



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                            Just a note to let you know that we are looking into this.


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                              We believe we have resolved this issue with Core i7 (and some newer Xeon's) now in BurnInTest V6.0.1010, available here:

                              Please let me know if you still have problems.