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CPU-Maths - no operations reported in timeout period

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  • David (PassMark)
    The no operations messages mean that particaular test has crashed or locked up or running extremely extremely slow. The no operations message is generated by a watchdog timer.

    As for why the crash occurs, it can be device driver, BIOS or hardware issues.

    If the tests restarts by itself, and the operations counter starts increasing again (as is the case here) then is can not have been a crash, as there is no way to recover from a crash. Instead the system is freezing. This can happen for example if you are really low on RAM, and have a really slow hard drive, and the system has to spend long periods swapping data in and out of the swap file.

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  • CPU-Maths - no operations reported in timeout period

    We are running BIT Pro V5.3 build 1036 on AMD Geode LX800 embedded platform under XP Pro (PCM-3353 SBC from Advantech) and consistently getting strange error in both math and multimedia CPU tests - "no operations reported in timeout period". I've searched the forum for it and it seems like the test for some reason stops running which is consistent with what we see here. At some point the test window just stops updating and I guess after 8min the error shows up. I noticed that sometimes the test window freezes even before the final occurence but it recovers after some time. The link below will take you to the location of the trace file from the last test run when we enabled only CPU-Maths at 20%. We would really like to know what's causing this error.