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BurnInTest Shuts itself Down

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  • BurnInTest Shuts itself Down


    I am a licensed system builder and I always run BurnInTest on the systems that i've built for at least 24 hours before I pass it on to the customer.

    I've been doing this for quite some time, and only recently, with v5.3 of BurnInTest, it has started shutting itself down. I've turned off the option that says Shut down with critical Windows errors. I've set the test to run indefinitely. Usually when this happens it has been running for just an hour or so.

    These are Windows XP systems (32-bit), processor is AMD Phenom X4 (2.3 GHz true Quad-Core Design, 3GB of RAM...

    If you need any other details to help me out, just ask.

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    V5 is now an old release. We are no longer investigating bugs in this old release as there is a fair chance they have already been resolved in V6.

    Crashes can be caused by bad RAM, a bad CPU, bugs in our code, and device driver bugs. So if you did want to look into it in more detail, or found the same problem in V6, you really need to narrow the fault down to just a single test if possible. (e.g. just the memory test). you would also need to confirm if the problem as seen on multiple systems (with different specs) or if the problem only happened for example when a particular hardware component was in use.