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HDD test display ERROR--inefficiency reading or writing

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  • HDD test display ERROR--inefficiency reading or writing

    As title the disk test item displays the inefficiency reading or inefficiency writing as running the passmark V6.0 PRO(1011). The OS is XP pro and file system is NTFS.

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    The V6.0 BurnInTest disk test does not report this error text by default. The text messages are user configurable, so maybe someone in your company changed the text. Alternatively, maybe this is a Windows message?

    The closest message in BurnInTest is:
    134,"Warning - Disk low speed threshold crossed",WARNING,Disk test

    This means that the optional user configured threshold (Preferences->Disk) for the "Slow drive threshold (MB/Sec)" has been exceeded. That is the disk speed is lower than the User setting (in MB/Sec).

    Is this what you mean? If not, please post the log file showing the error message or a screenshot.



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      Thanks for your response, the error message should be "insufficient system resources to complete test"


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        This means that there were not enough system resources for the test to continue. This can happen if the system runs out of memory (or other resources). There is insufficient information in your post to say any more than this.

        If you would like to send level 2 *.trace files to us (help [at] passmark [dot] com), then we can take a look and provide additional feedback.

        To capture level 2 trace files, in Preferences->Logging, set Trace File detail level = Activity trace 2.



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          Hi Ian,
          I have send the log file, please help me to trace it.




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            Insufficient system resources to complete test

            I am seeing the same error message. Was there an update to this thread following the analysis of the level 2 trace file?


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              I think the conclusion is that there was that not enough system resources for the test to continue & the system had runs out of memory.

              You might also like to give the V7 beta a try.
              or at least checking you are using the latest V6 release.

              You could also try running just the disk test by itself (without the RAM test running at the same time).