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BurnInTest doesn't reports any failure after several tests

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  • BurnInTest doesn't reports any failure after several tests

    Hi, nice to meet you!

    My name is Sebastián, and I own of a computer shop in Argentina. A few days ago, we bought a license for BurnInTest Pro 6.0.

    We are experiencing some "troubles" with BurnInTest, and the fact is that it's not responding to any failure...for example, we have a PC that has a RAM Memory failing...we used Memtest and OCCT to verify that, and they inform this error after 15 minutes, but after running BurnInTest for a period of 12 hours, it never informed any failure...As we had a few failing parts, we kept trying, to see if BurnInTest could notice this failures, but until now, it never worked (we tried exactly with 6 different failed parts). We used "Memory Torture" and Standard modes for the RAM, and also we tried with a few different video resolutions, while we tested VGA's.

    We'd be very glad of you could tell us some recommendations to make it useful for us, because we trust in this software, and we bought it because we saw a lot of good reviews about it, but we really couldn't make it helpful for us until now...

    Thank you so much!

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    We would need more information about the system. Especially important is 1) How much total RAM is in the system, 2) If you are running 32bit or 64bit 3) How much free RAM you have after Windows and any other applications you run are booted (this is recorded in the BurnInTest log file, if you would like to send this to us).

    Changing video resolution isn't going to provoke any errors, nor is it going to impact on the performance of the memory test in anyway.

    The memory test works best when you have a large amount of free RAM that is accessible.

    The memory test works poorly or not at all when there is no free RAM (i.e. it is all used by the operating system), or you have more RAM than the O/S can access. For example, you have 6GB of RAM on 32bit Windows, which can use at most 2GB.

    Also memory errors do not always trigger errors in the memory test. If the RAM which has the fault is used by Windows, then you can get a random crash instead. If for example, it was used for disk caching, then you could even disk a hard disk error from faulty RAM.