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2D error "video memory corruption" and PCIe error

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  • 2D error "video memory corruption" and PCIe error

    When I run burn-in test 6.0, if I just select 2D test item, no error happens and if I select multiple test items with 2D test, I will find few 2D error "video memory corruption". When this 2D error happens, I can also see PCIe correctable error. It seems to be caused by PCIe error. Can you provide some advice about how to fix this error?

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    The video memory corruption issue has been around for a while.

    There seems to be a variety of causes. Hardware, device drivers, etc.. See the old posts for details. But the error is fairly minor (most users wont ever notice it).

    Where did you find the details about the PCIe errors? Was this in the Windows event manager, or are you doing a low level trace on the bus?