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Combo Drive sometimes disappears when running BurnInTest 6.0

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  • Combo Drive sometimes disappears when running BurnInTest 6.0

    I've experienced an issue running BurnIn with what appears to be a correlation with certain Audio CDs with the optical test set to audio playback.

    Essentially, BurnIn will running normal then after a time start to produce errors " not ready to be played" and thereafter will never resume normal operation until reboot. The strange thing is, the combo drive will have disappeared from My Computer and the Device manager, as if the CD driver has crashed. As mentioned, the device does reappear after reboot and this has been the behavior every time.

    This has happened across multiple Combo drives and different motherboards. There does seem to be some correlation that heavily scratched discs seem to induce this problem more than non-scratched discs. Some discs will allow BurnIn to run indefinitely without problems. However, I haven't done enough trials to determine if the disc alone is the cause of this problem.

    I'm not sure if I should be inferring the test results to mean that BurnIn has exercised a failed/defective component or that this is simply a bug that occurs when BurnIn is unable to read a disc for an extended period of time (due to scratches, etc.). I have not had any combo drive fall off-line during any use other than BurnIn.

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    Sounds like BurnInTest has detected a problem with your system.

    1) I would check that you don't have any rootkits installed.
    2) It may be that exercising a CD with lots of scratches could be changing the access mode from DMA to PIO and maybe your system has some sort of problem with using the drive in PIO mode.
    3) The test has caused the CD drive device driver to crash and unload. I would suggest check you have the latest drivers and investigate updating your optical drives firmware.