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Burn-in Test with Clarkdale 2.93 program will auto close.

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  • Burn-in Test with Clarkdale 2.93 program will auto close.

    We use Clarkdale 2.93 CPU with Intel ibex peak chipset.
    Burn-in tool(last version) will auto close after a period of time.

    Thanks !!

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    It is unlikely that it is a CPU model causing the problem.

    Much more likely is that you have a hardware problem or device driver problem of some sort. But your post doesn't really contain enough information to investigate.

    What are the full specs of the machine. Hardware and O/S?
    Do you have log files from BurnInTest?
    Does this happen on a single machine or multiple machines?
    Does it happen all the time on this machine?
    Is it random of does it always happen after a specified period of time?
    What settings did you select in BurnInTest?
    Did you try and narrow down the problem by running one test at a time? e.g. just the RAM test, then just the CPU test, etc..


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      Seems when we do the CPU test for Clarkdale 2.93.
      The Burn-In tool will auto close.

      Thanks !!


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        If you wish to provide the additional requested we would be happy to investigate.