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System crashes when running 3D test

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  • System crashes when running 3D test

    Hi guys,

    have you encountered problems like this?

    my computer crashes when i'm just running 3d test alone but when i run this test together with the cpu and mem test it's able to finish it without problem...

    also after my computer restarts i'm getting hypertransport sync flood...

    lastly my computer is not over clocked.

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    I did a Google search, there are 100s of people complaining about the same hypertransport sync flood fault and system freezes. Mostly with the MSI K9N & ASUS M4A78 motherboards.

    As usual there are about 100 different explanations for the problem on the web (most of which are probalby red herrings).

    The most solution seems to be BIOS upgrade. With a few other people saying replacing the RAM fixed it, or the MCP55 ACPI HPET BIOS setting, or the "Cool and quiet" BIOS setting or memory voltage settings.


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      Thanks for the reply.... but i've did that too.. i was just concerned that the 3d video test can run simultaneously with other test with no problem but when i run a 3d test alone thats the time i encounter the problem...

      anyway i was just checking if there is any known issues...