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ATI 9.11 catalyst driver issues - 2D test.

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  • ATI 9.11 catalyst driver issues - 2D test.

    Is anyone else having issues with the ATI 9.11 Catalyst drivers hanging the PC when the 2D test is run?

    I have seen this on a couple of different ATI cards now while trying to qualify systems before releasing them.

    If I disable the the 2D test they pass fine. These same systems also pass 3DMark 06 and Vantage fine. I was concerned that the systems weren't actually stable but now I'm beginning to think its ATIs drivers.


    (I have just checked the version of BurninTest we have been using and its 1002. I am downloading the latest version now and trying again.)

    (Just installed 1016. First impressions are very good. It normally locks up in the first minute and the 2D window never loads and the 3D Window framerate gets slower until it freezes completely. None of that happened this time. Will update after its run for a few hours.)
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