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System clock loses time

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  • System clock loses time

    Has anyone else experienced this.

    I am testing a Tylersburg based motherboard with dual Nehalem 2.53GHz processors. When I install and run BurnIn 5.3 on most any 64bit OS, the system/OS clock loses about 7 minutes in the first 15 minutes and then after that it keeps up. By the system clock, I mean the clock that is displayed by Windows in the bottom right corner of the taskbar. I am checking this time loss against a stop watch.

    At some point the time recovers and everything is back in sync. I'm not sure how that happens...perhaps it is from an internet sync.

    BurnIn is set up to run all selected tests, with the exception of the network tests, at 100%. Network is set up at 99%. The memory tests is set up for the torture test. Tests being run include both CPU, memory, video playback, DVD, hard drive and network.

    Any thoughts on the problem would be appreciated.


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    Maybe the IRQ for the real time clock is being blocked by a device driver. Might be very hard to debug.