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BurninTest 6.0 pe2 mode using usb

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  • roneng
    Thanks for the fast reply.
    I managed to solve the problem.
    I work with windows xp so diskpart does not identify the usb dok. I run the format method in the manual in another pc with windows 7 and everything worked fine.

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  • Ian (PassMark)
    Please refer to this document:

    You should have the WAIK or OPK environements installed on the system, open the "Windows PE Tools command prompt", then follow the diskpart instructions as per the document:

    10b. To make a bootable USB Flash Drive (UFD)
    From the command prompt, partition and format the UFD. Make sure you select the correct disk number, as this will delete everything on the disk (the below example shows a UFD with physical disk number 2 and volume letter G.
    DISKPART> select disk 2
    DISKPART> list disk
    DISKPART> clean
    DISKPART> create partition primary
    DISKPART> select partition 1
    DISKPART> active
    DISKPART> format fs=fat32
    DISKPART> assign
    DISKPART> exit

    copy the Windows image etc to the USB flash drive:
    C:\Users\Administrator>xcopy c:\bitpe\iso\*.* /s /e /f G:\


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  • roneng
    started a topic BurninTest 6.0 pe2 mode using usb

    BurninTest 6.0 pe2 mode using usb

    I work on winxp and have managed to create a winpe2 cd to boot from and run the application burnintest.
    I want to run the application on a boot usb flash, but fail to create a boot usb. I followed the instructions on the manual but in winxp, using diskpart - "list keys" shows only the non-usb hd.
    I assume the only problem is creating the boot usb flash since the boot cd works fine.