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2D graphic memory offset error on Quadro VGA FX1300

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  • 2D graphic memory offset error on Quadro VGA FX1300

    I have several machines with the same card. After all when I have finish burintest v4.0 it shows me memory offset error on over few machines. Some how all this card having not problem to finish 3DMark at all. I got a problem to intepret this error message and also is this real failure.

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    There is not an error called, "memory offset". Maybe you mean "video memory corruption at offset....."?

    This is a common error.

    The video memory corruption is a real (but very minor) hardware fault that many video cards have. ATI investigated a similar issue for Acer around mid 2004. I don't know what the result was. NVIDIA also recently looked a this issue for some of their cards. The last I heard from their investigation was , "P4 cache coherency rules (and ordering rules) with regards to Write Combining" are most likely the problem.

    It is not a serious problem however. You will probably never notice a few of these corruptions in normal use.