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Burnintest video card total memory error?

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  • Burnintest video card total memory error?


    Using burnin test v4. 2D test only shows 115.37MB total memory at 640*480*16. The video card is an Fx6600 128MB. Can some one please explain this or do I have some sort of failure. (none reported)



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    I don't think this a hardware failure, but the device driver must think that there is some video RAM in use somewhere. Maybe you have some other software running that has allocated a few MB of video RAM for some purpose?

    If you want to see the raw values from DirectX / Operating system, you can you download this Microsoft DirectX tool, which dumps out the capabilities of your video card.

    Look for the "Memory" values under the DirectDraw devices section



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      Thanks for the reply. Did what you advised, downloaded the DX tool. This shows the card has 118,484,992 bytes.
      I do not know of any program that could be using video ram. Iappear tobe short of 13mb approx. I am intrested in any reason why?

      My system is:
      Tyan 2875 mother board
      2* opteron 242
      Windows xp32
      Windows xp64

      The result is the same for both OSes

      As a small distraction V4 64 bit runs 3D test at approx 40 fps, while 32 bit runs 1400 fps or would you prefer this information in a different place?




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        The video RAM number is normally what you have left after the on-screen display buffer is removed.

        So for example. I have a 64MB Radeon 7500 card, with dual 20" LCDs. Each LCD runs at 1600x1200x32bits, which means that I am using 7.68MB of RAM per display. (15.4MB in total).

        So BurnInTest and the DXCaps utility display that I have about 49.5MB. Dropping my video resolution to 1290x1024 increases thw amount available to 54.5MB.

        But to be short 13MB is a lot. You would need to be running some very high resolution displays to use this amount of RAM.



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          Regarding the 64bit comment.

          There are going to be lots of hardware / software combinations now 64bit has hit the market. So you need to be really precise when reporting results.

          There is multiple releases of Windows 32bit & 64bit and 64bit & 32bit versions of BurnInTest & PerformanceTest. See,

          There are also beta versions of Windows 64bit still floating around.

          If you are talking about frame rates I assume you are benchmarking using PerformanceTest and not BurnInTest? The 32bit or 64bit version? But PerformanceTest 64bit is V5 and not V4?

          During our 64bit development we have found that many video card device drivers are not working correctly in 64bit Windows. So low results can be expected for some cards until the manufacturers upgrade their drivers.