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burnintest 6.0.2 pe2 testing hd

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  • burnintest 6.0.2 pe2 testing hd

    I am running in pe2 mode using usb boot disk to test a pc's hard-drive. I want to create an automatic configuration to test the hd.
    My problem is that I do not know if the hd is formatted or not. Going to the first hd does not work in case of non formatted hd as the application identifies the usb as hd.
    A priory all I know is that there is a single hd and I want to test it.
    I made a small script that checks the type of the hd - if it is IDE I assume it was formatted so I run a regular hd test, otherwise a raw test. There are cases that this script fails since the hd was formatted but was not labled as ide (i.e. ata).

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    I can't think of an easy way to script this (you can't script this type of logic within BurnInTest). I would think you may need to write a small program to determine if the disk is local (rather than IDE) and maybe greater than a certain size to be sure.

    Also, the BurnInTest raw disk test is not officially supported under Windows PE as in many cases the partition information (or lack of it) is not available under Windows PE.