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Changing BurnInTest Load Config location

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  • Changing BurnInTest Load Config location

    BIT Forum,

    Is there a way to change the default location for where BIT goes to "Load Config" and Save "Config" ?
    - BIT 5.3 & 6.0 if installed on the main internal C: drive, stores these files into Internal drive in directory: "C:\Desktop\My Documents\Passmark\BurnInTest\

    I want to save to external SATA drive or external USB drive where I actually run the BIT application, so I want to be able to redirect to another drive and directory path name ...

    Thanks, Bill

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    With BurnInTest V6.0 you can start with the command line parameter "-P" (described below). Aternatively, if you run BurnInTest from a removable drive with the license key installed on the removable drive like a USB flash drive (using File->Install BurnInTest To a USB Drive...), then the equivalent of "-P" is set automatically.

    Force all files (e.g. configuration and log files) that would normally be saved or loaded from the User's Personal folder (ie. where the directory path has not been specified) to be saved or loaded from the BurnInTest directory. This can be useful when running BurnInTest from removable media, such as a USB drive, CD, DVD, Firewire drive etc.