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By-pass System Information Collection

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  • By-pass System Information Collection

    How do I turn off the "Collecting system information..." screen? I try a command line "bit.exe -A -R xx.cfg" but still cannot by-pass it. The screen doesn't come up if I run xx.cfg using File->Load Test Configuration... Thanks.

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    Use -W instead of -A.

    Minimize the amount of System Information collected and displayed by BurnInTest. This can be useful for test automation as is can take some time to collect this information and slow test startup. It could also be used to simply reduce the amount of system information in reports. Note: That setting "-W" also sets "-A", i.e. you don't need to specify "-W -A", just "-W".

    The system information is collected on BurnInTest startup. So you would only see the screen if you run a set of tests just after BurnInTest has started, and the system information process is still underway.


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      It works! Thanks.