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  • serial port test

    after several hours of testing(More than 10 hours),some serial port test will stop(report "no errors","throughput:0Bytes/sec" ).even if pull out loopback,burnintest just the same "no errors",however the other serial port test runing.

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    how to open WTD?
    Quote from burnintest5.3 history:"Added an operation watchdog timer for all tests. In rare cases, a single test can stop in the operating system - i.e. there is a problem in the operating system/ device driver that prevents control being returned to the BurnInTest for that test. This was added for specialized serial port hardware that could lockup after several hours of testing. "


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      What do you mean by WTD. A basic watchdog timer was added in v5.3 (for issues like a serial port device driver locking up due to a hardware fault), this was improved in V6.0. The watchdog timer should be on automatically. If you are using V5.3, make sure you have the latest build, v5.3.1036 (bottom of this page):

      BurnInTest runs a test for each serial port simultaneously. With BurnInTest V6.0 you should get a "No operations reported in timeout period" for each serial port that has no operations in at least 8 minutes.

      If you are using BurnInTest v6.0, you can email me level 2 trace files files with 1 minute periodic logging for this test I can investigate further. Email address: