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Disk full with BurnInTest for Linux command line

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  • Disk full with BurnInTest for Linux command line


    I'm experiencing "Disk full" error provided by bit_cmd_line_x32 of the newest linux version of BIT - 2.0 (build 1006). Sometimes the test passes, sometimes not.
    I know that such a bug was already fixed in version 2.0 (build 1000) but obviously there's still some issue with the space calculation (after the test disk was 100% full). BIT should not fill the disk after it reaches 94% of disk space utilization.

    Can someone advise me how can I avoid such issue or fire a bug?


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    I haven't been able to reproduce this on our test machine, there is a beta build available from that includes some of the code changes being incorporated in the next major version of BurnInTest, could you please try this build.

    If the problem still exists could you please create a debug log (using the command line parameter -d) and turn on activity trace level 1 in the configuration options and send us a copy of these files after reproducing the problem.


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      Great, it looks like new version solves the issue

      Thank you