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Error Verifying Data on RAM

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  • Error Verifying Data on RAM

    Issue: Computer freezes randomly- the screen and application is frozen, and move cursor cannot be moved. Sometimes the computer will last 2 hours, sometimes 2minutes. It has been sporadic as it freezes while under heavy load from games, music, movies or even sitting idle. Also, a high pitched noise comes from the tower when it is frozen. It seems to be coming from the RAM or CPU, but I cannot tell as the parts are too close together.

    Running BIT: Ran BIT for the first time and the error came up was under RAM "Error Verifying Data on RAM". After checking what this meant in the help section and saw that it causes the computer to lock-up, I tried to run the RAM test again to confirm faulty RAM. However, no errors came up subsequently (under two tests - 50% and 100% load). Have also tried Memtest86 and no errors found there.

    Are there any suggestions as to whether I can clarify it is my RAM that is causing my computer to freeze?
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    Yes, it is very likely bad RAM, or badly seated RAM. At least this is the first thing to try. It might be intermittently bad, or related to temperature, or something else. But you seem to have ample evidence that something is wrong.