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CPU Usage@100% when only RAM test is selected

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  • CPU Usage@100% when only RAM test is selected

    Using BITv6.0Pro (1023)

    I have noticed that when I only choose RAM test for the only test and set @100%, when I run the test, my CPU usage under task manager (all 4 cpu cores) goes to 100% too. This is with only just RAM test being selected.

    My system
    Intel Core 2 Quad (Q9400@2.66GHz)
    2GB RAM DDR2 667

    When I use BITv5.3Pro (1019) on the same system, this CPU usage issue does not happen.

    Is this suppose to happen on BITv6.0?

    This issue actually causes the software RAID on the system to timeout, when I add DISK test to the configuration due to limited CPU bandwidth.

    Any help or knowledge about this issue would be appreciated.


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    Yes, this is normal. The memory test will now run on more than 1 core, if available.

    If you want less load, decrease the duty cycle below 100%, or run the RAM test as a pre-test.


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      Thanks for the information.

      So in essence, I do not need to add the CPU test since RAM test already stresses the cores when RAM test is set at 100%?


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        The RAM test is a fairly tight loop, repeating the same small number of instructions over and over again and it scans through the RAM. So not much of the CPU's functionality is tested. Also the CPUs will be "busy" waiting for the RAM some of the time.

        Also from memory (sorry for the pun) the RAM test only uses up to 4 cores. The CPU test will go to 64 cores.

        The CPU test does a better job of CPU testing. It has much broader instruction coverage.