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  • BurnInTest Linux Version 3 Beta

    A beta release of BurnInTest version 3 is now available from

    Updates since Beta 1:
    • Added ext4 support for disk test
    • Added "Free space" tooltip to free space progress bar on disk test window
    • Added test certificate option to logging and HTML template file to the download package
    • Added “Test all hard disk” option to test configuration options in GUI version and new TestAllDisks option in command line config
    • Disk and optical test options were not expanding correctly until after a click on/off the entry
    • Status RUNNING now updated to IDLE or PASS/FAIL when pressing stop button or test finishes
    • Fixed several crashes triggered in the disk test
    • Changed logging option grouping to be a closer match to the windows version
    • Fixed incorrect error message (when there was no error) when saving a result log file from the menu

    The GUI of this version now requires Qt 4.6.2 (and KDE 4) so a fairly new distribution of Linux will be required to run it or you will need to update your version of Qt.

    Some of the new features include;

    • Updated CPU tests to be more up to date with current Windows version, including general instructions, FPU, SSE, SSE2 and primes tests
    • Updated user interface to use QT4 (4.6.2)
    • Updated main window to included system information (where available), test results and event log to allow easier access to these items
    • Main window can now be resized
    • Changed event log to color code information and error lines based on severity
    • Added edit error classification function
    • Changed some menu item names and location to be more constistent with the current Windows version
    • Changed the optical CD/DVD/BD test so files should be minimally cached by the operating system during testing (previous versions resulted in much higher than expected read/verify speeds)
    • Increased max limit for Memory test in 64bit version to 256GB and increased the maximum amount locked for testing to 97% of free RAM
    • Changed behaviour of -M (show machine ID and notes entry) command line parameter when used with -R (auto-start tests) so the tests will not execute until the machine ID and notes dialog is closed

    Please email us ( with any issues you encounter or comments.

    Tested Linux Distributions

    Fedora Core 11with Qt 4.6.2 installed

    Kubuntu 10.04

    OpenSUSE 11.3 RC2
    Some graphics corruption seen in the 3D test (possible driver issue)

    Slax 6.1.2
    No suitable Slax module available for Qt 4.6 so GUI version can not be run. For the command line version there is a difference in the way the ncurses library is accessed so there may be a missing library (libtinfo). As this appears to be part of the ncurses library the current work around is to create a link from libncurses to libtifo;
    cd /usr/lib
    ln -s
    ln -s

    Last edited by Tim (PassMark); Aug-03-2010, 08:11 AM. Reason: Updated for beta release 2

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    BurnInTest Linux Version 3 Beta

    Hi Tim,

    I just tried this Beta build on a new 32" AIO Panel PC product based on an Intel 945 GME chipset and seems to be WORKING OK, whereas the release Linux build fails for the following error at launch:
    avalue@avalue:~/burnintest/32bit$ ./bit_gui_x32
    ./bit_gui_x32: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    So my question is when will the Beta version go to release so that we can purchase it, or can we get a Beta release version to work like the release until such a release is available on the PassMark website ?

    Since the released Linux build fails with our uplevel Kubuntu 4 lib files, we are stuck without a test until the Beta goes to release.

    Please advise ...

    Bill Lusche
    Sr.Development Engineer
    Comtek Displays
    (916) 543-7628


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      Depending on the feedback we get from the beta and the seriousness of any issues found the release build could be ready as soon as 2-3 weeks, there will likely be one at least more beta version released (to correct some issues already found and add some minor features).


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        BurnInTest Linux Version 3 Beta Release ?

        PassMark Developer (TimR),

        I am checking in to see if the Linux Version 3.0 Beta is ready for release ?
        - We currently can only run with this release, but the application config options are strapped down to only run 10-15 minutes and we really want to
        test our systems in a "Real" Burn-In Test Chamber running 12HR, 24HR or 48HR test sequences.

        So, can you either give us a new Beta version that runs like the release code and we would be more than willing to help you "Beta Test" this Linux build and we would definitely report back with any issues found as well as logs, etc.

        Or, can we send you a PO and just buy the latest Beta 3.0 release as long
        as we get the free minor/major upgrades.

        Please advise,


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          The second beta for version 3 is now available from This should be the last beta release before the final release (see the first post for updated details).

          All purchases of BurnInTest receive free major upgrades for 6 months after the purchase date, after 6 months any available minor patches are still free.


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            BurnInTest Linux Version 3 Beta Release ?

            PassMark Developer (TimR),

            Thanks for the response, but will this latest Beta operate like a release version
            so that we can run extended BurnIn tests past the 15 Min Beta restriction ?

            Thanks, blusche


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              You need a key to run it for more than 15min.
              We will be putting up a web page for existing customers to collect free keys. But it isn't ready just yet. In the meantime E-Mail us with your V2 purchase details and we'll send a free key back if you purchase of V2 was in the last 6 months.