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Auto-Stop bug report (non-critical)

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  • Auto-Stop bug report (non-critical)

    I decided to run BIT on a machine for a REAL long time just for fun. In reality it will likely run for just 24 hours before we stop it, but a co-worker wanted me to burn it for 36 years. So we figured out how many minutes were in 36 years and typed that in there, but BIT gave me an error:

    The auto stop period must be between 0 and 864000 min (10 days)
    So if you figure minutes (60) x hours (24) in a day you end up with 1440. That being said, 864000 / 1440 = 600 days not 10!

    And besides, it won't actually let you type in 864000 either, the highest value you can type is 863999.

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    Yes, this is incorrect and is the number of seconds, not minutes. We will correct this and the range check in the next minor build of BurnInTest.

    Thanks of for letting us know.