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WinPE and BartPE Errors

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  • WinPE and BartPE Errors

    I am currently using the trial version of BurnInTest to evaluate if I would like to purchase the software. I am having errors with both the WinPE and BartPE environments. I am using Windows XP SP3, but used the Vista msvfw32.dll when creating the WinPE disc.

    1) When attempting to run BurnInTest in WinPE, I receive an error that states something similar to "Error during startup. A problem has happened during your installation. Please uninstall the software and reinstall it. Error Code: 1"

    2) When creating the BartPE bootdisc, the BurnInTest plug-in gives 2 errors and will not allow the disc to be burned. It states that it is missing both "Endpoint.exe" and "FTD2XX.DLL"

    Any suggestions on how to solve these errors?

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    1. If you send us an email we can send you a trial license key. This is probably the easiest way to resolve this problem.

    2. Both of these files are included in the current BurnInTest Professional distribution, so I assume you are using BurnInTest Standard. If this is the case, you should remove the following 2 lines from the BurnInTest BartPE plugin installation file, bit.inf: