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  • HDD testing

    We're currently working on automating our testing and BurnIn is one of the main tests that we run on the drives. So far we've been able to utilize many of the automation features listed in the User's Guides, but there is one issue in particular we haven't been able to overcome.

    Due to the nature of the testing we do, we don't always have the same number of drives/partitions in the system. We've created a general config file, but we haven't found any way to automatically select the drive letters to be tested while also removing the floppy, CD and other removable drive letters.

    My question is...has anyone else tried this and can it be done?

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    Autoconfiguring the test drives

    I can't think of a great way to do this. A possibility to do this might be to create a configuration file for each drive letter. Then write a small program (pre-BIT) to check what fixed drives are on the system and then create a BIT script file based on these drive letters (with a series of "LOAD <config. file for drive x>" and "RUN DISK" for each disk), then have the pre-BIT program start BurnInTest with this test script.

    We will add the option of auto configuration of drives to the list of items to be considered for the next release of BurnInTest.

    Best regards,
    Ian (PassMark)


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      Ok, I took your advice and have come up with a temporary solution. It's not the best way of doing it, but it will get us by for now.

      We'd very much appreciate the feature being added into the next release of the software.


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        Auto configuration of disk drives

        Yes, we will look at this for BIT 5.0. If you would like to post any particular requirements for us to consider, please do so.

        Best regards,