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  • Data Verify Error

    While doing testing with BurnIn, we have occassionally run into an error called "Data Verify Error". The explanation is pretty self-explanatory, but we have run into a couple of problems/questions when trying to debug the error.

    1) The error log indentifies an Offset, but it is not clear if the offset is for the drive letter, file, or exactly what the Offset is referring to. Can you provide any further details on this?

    2) From what we can determine, BurnIn appears to not only delete the files when the tests stops, but it also appears to clear the information regarding the file from the MFT for the NTFS partition. This makes any recovery or analysis of the file itself nearly impossible. This leads to a two-part question. Is there any way to keep BurnIn from deleting the files when the test is stopped (or at least in the event of an error)? Also, is there a way to keep BurnIn from clearing the information from the MTF so that file recovery is a possibility?

    So far the help you've provided has been great, I look forward to any help you can provide on this issue as well.

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    Disk test: Data Verify failure

    I assume the error is "Data Verify failure".

    Do you know which data pattern the error occurs with? This would probably be one of the things I would investigate, by selecting different patterns from disk preferences. It may be useful to note that BurnInTest treats the random data pattern slightly differently in software, to the other patterns.

    The Log data is as follows:
    1. File: Filename of the file being read.
    2. Value Read: Within the block of data read, this is the value of the first byte of data that is different to the written data.
    3. Value Expected: The value written and expected at this offset in the file.
    4. Offset: The offset (in bytes) within the file being read where the verification error occurred.
    5. Ops: the total number of disk operations (as reported on the BurnInTest main window) at the time or the verification error

    Items 2 and 3 above are the first vales that don't match (when comparing the written and read data blocks from index 0 upwards).

    In the current version of BurnIntest there is no way to not delete the files.

    Best regards,
    Ian (Passmark)


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      Ok, that all makes sense. However, with the file being deleted, we have no way to verify the error that's been given. If we look at the drive with Winhex, the value listed does *NOT* seem to be incorrect. Since a "Data Verify Failure" could be generated from either the host or the device, it's almost impossible to tell which caused the problem.

      in regards to the data pattern, we started off by using the default (which is cylic I believe), but changed to using sequential to hopefully make things easier to debug. So far, however, changing the data pattern hasn't made it any easier or provided us with any clearer indication of where the problem is located.


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        HDD verification error - deleting files

        Please send us an email at our "help" address and I will send you a 'special' version that you can specify not to delete the files in case of an HDD error.

        This functionality will be included in the next major version of BurnInTest.