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How to test burnin test with Network

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  • How to test burnin test with Network

    Hi Passmark,
    Customer reported 3D/2D error or BSOD when running BIT.
    We found this was related Network adapter.
    If we remove network test item only, test was pass. (Test item:3D,2D,Video memory,Audio,Optical disk, Hard disk, CPU, Video playback and Network with 100%)
    It seems Netwrok adapter is typically generating interrupts at a very high rate. This will cause system resource problem and then GPU will timeout and pop BSOD)

    Based on customer tested setting, it used loopback test, not external physical connection.
    The question is:
    -Have any suggestion for BIT test item?
    -Have any better way to test Network adapter?
    -Can we separate test item to test GPU function only?


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    There is no problem to run the tests separately.

    You could also reduce the load below 100% on some of the tests (which actually makes for a more realistic test)

    But if this was my PC, I would be very unhappy to find out that the machine did a BSOD every time the machine was under load and the network card was used. It might be normal that there is a timeout and thus an error. But the error should be more graceful. e.g. a message for the user informing them what happened, or the 3D API function failing with an error code.