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USB-Ports "reserved" even after closing of BIT.

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  • Ian (PassMark)
    BurnInTest and USB

    BurnInTest tests USB ports when used with the Passmark "USB Loopback plug" or the "USB 2.0 Loopback plug". These PassMark "plugs" reserve the USB ports only when they are plugged in. BurnInTest does not reserve USB ports, but communicates with the PassMark "plugs" that are reserving the port. BurnInTest does not try to communicate with the PassMark "plugs" after it is closed.

    So, if you plug in a PassMark USB "plug", start BurnInTest, run tests, exit BurnInTest and remove the PassMark "plug", there will be no impact on any subsequent device plugged into that port, such as a USB-PLD Programmer. Is this behavior you describe repeatable? Could you tell me which USB-PLD Programmer you are using?


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  • EKF
    started a topic USB-Ports "reserved" even after closing of BIT.

    USB-Ports "reserved" even after closing of BIT.


    we have tested BIT v4 in the meantime very successfully. Therefore we know own multiple license and test equippment from Passmark.

    Now we found a further problem with Passmark and our Application. We try to use a USB-PLD Programmer with the same system, that was formerly tested with BIT. If we try to program first, the USB-Dongle for the PLD will work. If we start BIT first, the USB-Dongle will not be recognized by the programm software.

    Can you please advise, if BIT reserve the USB-Ports even after the software is closed?