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    Can I write a test for non-standard hardware ?

    The user guide talks about being able to call tests from a script with the EXECUTE command, but can I get the results into the log file and can I get any onscreen PASS/FAIL indication ?

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    Testing non-standard hardware

    In V4.0 of BurnInTest this is not available.

    In V5.0 of BurnInTest that we are just trying to finish, we have added a "Plugin" test to allow non-standard hardware tests to be written and integrated into BurnInTest as though they were standard tests. That is, the Duty cycle can be set in BurnInTest, the number of test operations and errors etc are displayed on a BurnInTest test window, errors are logged as usual and the result will be included in the overall PASS/FAIL result. We have a sample Plugin that demonstrates how to write a BurnInTest Plug-in.

    If you send us a request for a Beta version 5 of BurnInTest (to our help email address), we will be happy to provide you the Beta and the sample code.

    We would also be interested if you could tell us what the non-standard hardware is.

    Best regards,