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BurnInTest logging after time update

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  • BurnInTest logging after time update

    Hello, I have found that the log file stops being written to if the time is updated. I have so far tested this +/- 1 hour time update. The tests continue to run, but I can no longer monitor activity via reading the log.

    Using BurnInTest 6.0 Std build 1021 on XP SP3.

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    Can you be more specific about what you mean with " time is updated"?

    Do you mean you are changing the system clock - if so, then BurnInTest has not been designed to run system hardware tests over a clock change. If you need to change the system cock, stop the BurnInTest tests, change the time and restart the BurnInTest tests.


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      Yes it's the system clock. I can detect a change and restart if necessary. Would the same happen if the system clock changed during testing because of an internet time update? This would surely be a limitation of BurnInTest?


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        I just did some testing and found that if you start a set of BurnInTest tests and move the clock backward or forward 1 hour the logging did not stop, but the time reported changed and the test duration changes. You should ensure the system time is approximately correct before you start testing.

        I tested with BurnInTest 6.0.1029, but don't believe there are any relevant changes from build 1021. In any case you could try the new build from here:

        If you would like to email us a level 2 trace file with 1 minute periodic logging and your configruation file and explain when you changed the time and by how much and I can investigate further. Our email address is here:


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          Thanks Ian.

          I tested it using build 1030 and with level 2 activity logging enabled. The interim updates in the log file stop updating after the system clock is changed. There are no further updates to the log file until the tests are stopped.

          I'll send the trace files as requested.


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            Thanks. The next public release of BurnInTest will allow interim periodic logging across a system time change.