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2D Corrupt Mem Error only after screensaver

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  • 2D Corrupt Mem Error only after screensaver

    Im running 3.2 (yeah i know it an older version but it's been so good to me!).

    I get corrupted memory error on the 2d graphics test. If I disable the screensaver, I can run for two days with no problems. I have updated all drivers and bios. Happens on all 7 workstations (from same image) and also server machine (loaded seperatly). After screen saver is disenguaged, the erros build up quick and the system reboots with device error and screen dump. It disappears quick and can not capture it.

    Asus A8v-E SE Mother board
    AMD 3500+ single core
    512 DDR PC3200
    80 gig sata
    Power Color X300 SE 256 (128 local, 128 shared) PCIe16
    XP Pro (latest and all patches.

    any ideas?

    thx tim

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    I found out that If I uncheck the login upon return in the screensaver options, it works ok.

    Also, I turned of switch users in the user settings.

    This seemed to fix the problems.

    BTW 4.0 does the same thing as I tried the trial

    Is this a known issues with the burnin tests?




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      No. This is not a known issue. But if you are using a 3D screen saver it would not be surprising that is causes a problem. The 2D test uses DirectX and Windows doesn't like having mulyiple applications using DirectX at the same time. (like running 2 different 3D games at the same time).

      Still, the device driver shouldn't crash.