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CPU error "Incorrect Mathematical Function"

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  • CPU error "Incorrect Mathematical Function"

    I'm getting an error "Incorrect Mathematical Function" on the CPU (32 errors on 387 cycles) on a PII-Celeron machine running Win98SE. I'm using the latest version of BITPro. What causes this error, and should I be concerned?


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    Incorrect Mathematical Function

    I assume you are receiving one of the following errors:
    "Incorrect mathematical addition"
    "Incorrect mathematical subtraction"
    "Incorrect mathematical division"
    "Incorrect mathematical multiply"

    These errors occur when numbers are added, subtracted, divided and multiplied together (respectively) and the result is incorrect. This is a serious error, and could be caused by overclocking or overheating of the CPU. Typically, systems that have these types of errors exhibit other obvious problems.

    Best regards,
    Ian (PassMark)


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      Hi guys,

      I'm new to this forum but have been using passmark for some time now.

      Well only problem i have is suddenly iv'e found that after i run stress test i have some mathematical errors as stated above.

      Im running on a Intel core2duo 2.13Ghz.
      2GB of knigston vRam
      256MB Intel GMA3000 onboard graphics
      No over clocking and running on intel stock cooler.
      Cpu heat idles at 36~39 and 43~46 in load

      I ran a stress test from intel desktop utilities for 5 mins max and got abot 14 incorrect mathematical errors and 2 mmx mathematical errors.

      Never had them before but after a big lot of processes thats a very litle to even bother but still... I'm a bit worried.

      So was hoping if you guys could lend me a hand in knowing what the issue is and is there anyways i can fix it cuz i know there is something that has gone wrong in the ALU of the CPU

      And i never seperated the fan and processor from the time i built this rig. And i built it on june 2007 not so long away eh... hehe

      But i clean it very often and keep it dust free and squeeky clean.

      Hoping to take off the fan and do a good cleaning once i get my hands on Arctic silver 5 soon

      I live in Sri lanka and just a 19 year old who loves hard gaming and designing!

      So would appreciate if you guys coul drop in some suggestions about how i can fix this and what kind of effect this can have and what might make it worse.

      Thanks guys and keep the good work rolling!

      Always a pleasure to be of service!



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        The maths errors are a fairly serious CPU error, and could be caused by overclocking or overheating of the CPU. If you are not overclocking and the CPU is not overheating, then there if a fair chance the CPU is ruined.


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          so bub.. do you think i should get it replaced?

          So what kinds of problems does this cause?

          And in less than 6 months of use hell yeah i think its hit some shit...

          And how do over clockers deal with this?


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            If you computer now adds up 1 + 1 and gets an answer of 3. It is bad news. The consequences are not predictable. But if it only happens rarely you might not notice much effect. You should also try our BurnInTest software (rather than the old StressTest software).


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              Gonna test it!

              Well as you said i wanna see how this one works out...

              And how can i do the testing as in 1+1=3 thing...

              And as for burning test where can i get it? I Visited the site and just wanted to know if its free...

              Anything particular Number in test result i should look out for as a caution?

              But thanks a lot my friend...

              Was just hoping to know for a little off the book advice...

              I'm hoping to ask the dealer for a replacement as i have 3 years warranty for this build...

              What would be the best way to explain to them this situation and i'll have to let them know why i really need a replacement as i don't think they would actually understand what i would try to say "Incorrect mathematical function"

              And finally what is it that i can do to keep my CPU from getting this problem again? If it is a very common problem... That i should watch out for... (Because i doubt it that they'll keep replacing things)

              And what are your opinions on stock thermal paste and arctic silver 5? Just to know...

              And you're doing one hell of a good job in this forum buddy!

              Hope i wasn't asking too much and being a bother!

              Keep it going! Always!


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                Tested Using Burning Test 5.3

                Downloaded Burning test... Worked like a charm

                CPU-MATHS (421) Cycles, (137 Billion) Operations, (25) Errors

                NO OTHER ERRORS AT ALL!

                So is that bad?

                The test ended as fail

                Hmm Well Mines better than the first guy who posted his results!

                And i don't actually see any difference's In performance or mathematical stuff...

                15 Mins stressed!

                Now i need to find a good explanation to prove to them as to why i need a new processor as a replacement for this one. Shop guys can be so annoying!

                As i am a gamer, designer and performance nut case... Except overclocking!

                Well i'll wait on your opinion guys...


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                  So is that bad?
                  Yes. It is bad. Your CPU is getting 25 out of each 137 billion calculations wrong. Sure it is only 0.000000018% of instructions that it gets wrong, but for a CPU it is bad.


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                    Originally posted by passmark View Post
                    Yes. It is bad. Your CPU is getting 25 out of each 137 billion calculations wrong. Sure it is only 0.000000018% of instructions that it gets wrong, but for a CPU it is bad.

                    So now as i know i have to talk to the dealer about a change of CPU this week any ideas on how i could explain this to him and what future circumstances i can point out to him... Very hard to explain these things to people here... They just might think i'm lying...

                    And moreover How can i avoid the same problem again?

                    Because i really don't know how this happend in the 6 months since i made this machine!

                    But it idles at 36~38 and 50~52 celcius at full load during burning test...

                    I didn't make this at home but had it built at the dealer outlet, I'm damn sure they wouldn't have done the applying of stock thermal paste well...

                    But It's still under 3 years warranty and iv'e never taken off the processor or fan off till now...

                    Just need to show them what problem this might cause for me in the future...

                    And thanks alot for your help and advice buddy... Really helped!

                    Just need to get this changed now!