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  • possible tests for laptop

    Dear Passmark,

    I have a laptop with normal components and finger print, 2 PCMCIA slot (one connect to SCSI adapter). There is no floppy, parallel port.
    I build a BIT CD test image (my potential customer wants) in winpe3 that can test CPU, memory, hard disk, 2D, NIC (with internal loop back), serial port (with Passmark loop back plug), CD/DVD drive ( actual blue-ray drive).

    BIT will go with every new laptop to my customer as a sell package.
    I would like to know what tests can I add more in WinPE to satisfy the customer such as finger print, battery, keyboard, mouse pad, LCD, wireless, USB 2,3, sound, ...
    I want to integrate every possible tests into BIT in winPE and set it auto run.
    Is this possible?
    What are all possible tests for a laptop in full OS such as win 7?

    Which test is available as a plugin for free? to buy? or to pay for coding?
    Is there a way to test SCSI card adapter without connecting a hard disk?
    I got some trouble to test NIC in advance mode (posted on a different thread).
    Your advice is much appreciated.
    For more detail if needed, I will contact you via your personal e-mail that I had.



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    You can see the test we support from within BurinInTest in a self booting configuration here,

    We have software for monitoring battery life and testing keyboards, but we have made no attempt to get this working from a self booting CD. Nor have we looked a finger print readers.

    You can't test SCSI properly without a device being connected.