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  • Torture Test - Recommendations

    I have a used server and want to test the hardware with BurnInTest 6.0.

    The following will be tested:

    CPU : RAM : NIC : DISKS (HD)

    I would like to run the torture test on all 4 of these hardware components. The duty cycle would be set to 100.

    How many hours would it be recommended to run the torture test for these components at the same time?

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    Normally the benefits of testing a used system diminishes beyond 12 hours. However if the system has very large and very slow disks, this could be worthwhile. Normally we would suggest running with a duty cycle of 100% for the disk (as it is the test that takes the longest), then a bit less for the other tests, such that the CPU is not hard on 100%. I would also just run a CPU Maximum heat test by itself for something like 30 minutes.