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Burnin freezes when it is on ram and hdds are installed?

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  • Burnin freezes when it is on ram and hdds are installed?

    I have different accounts when I run burnin loading to ram image on a system, if the system has hard drives it freezes or locks up while closing or between 4-12 hrs. Is there any setting I can change to prevent this or would logging be the best way to record results on the system that has hard drives?

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    Is BurnInTest running on an installed version of Windows (which version) or WinPE/BartPE (which version)?
    Are you running BurnInTest on a mounted RAM disk?
    Is the test run on the same hardware, only the HDD's are either connected or not?
    Is the test configuration the same for the 2 test cases, with no HDD testing?
    Does the hang occur every time you exit BurnInTest and every test run of 12 hours, when the HDDs are conencted to the system?
    When BurnInTest hangs, do all test windows stop updating?

    Could you plesae send me your test configruation (*.bitcfg) and a level 2 trace file (*.trace) that shows the testing up to the point that BurnInTest hangs? Level 2 activity tracing can be turned on in Test Preferences -> Logging.

    Our email address is shown here:


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      It varies I will get that for you asap

      The test is the linux version 3.0 and I have it on RAM via PXE Booting. No logging enabled because I would have to write it to ram or another drive and they are being tested. I plan on getting the logging back to my image machine but not in a rush because I can use a thumbdrive if I really need the logging.


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        This isn't a scenario we have tested. Are you sure the system isn't just running out of RAM and freezing. I think you are going to need to doing some logging and experimentation to have any hope of finding the cause.