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  • RAM Test - Question

    Using Windows 7 WinPE BurnInTest V6 Pro, I ran a 24 Hr memory torture test and it completed with no errors. The server and BurnInTest was seeing 32 GB's of RAM.

    However, the BIOS event logger showed "Single-Bit ECC Errors in DIMM#1B". Essentially it turns out that DIMM #1B is a bad slot. Why would the software still detect the memory for that slot and pass with no errors?

    Also, if I use the memory torture test does that include the same tests from the standard test? Should both tests be run?

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    ECC RAM - Error Correction Code can detect and correct errors.

    So it looks like your RAM detected and corrected an error. As it should.

    And because the error was just a single bit the fault could be corrected at a low level with no consequence. So the operating system and any applications running will never detect any error (as there was no error, at a high level).

    Should be no need to run both tests in general usage.