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BIT Pro on Windows NT - Parallel Port Bug

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  • BIT Pro on Windows NT - Parallel Port Bug

    I first purchased BIT Pro 3.2, which could be run on Windows NT, but seemed to have a bug in the testing of parallel port. Now BIT Pro V4 has that bug resolved, but this version does not work on Win NT.

    I cannot change from Win NT to any other / better operating system. Is there any patch for 3.2 or how else can i run a BIT Pro without parallel port issues on Windows NT?

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    One of the major features of V4 of BurnIntest was,
    The parallel port test was changed to allow automatic detection of non-sequential LPT port numbers and non-standard IO addresses. In Windows 2000 and above, automatic support of add-on Parallel ports (eg. using PCI cards) is also provided. Retries have been added to the locking of the Parallel port.

    I assume that the lack of the feature is the "bug" that you refering to in V3.2 and NT?

    We don't even have a Windows NT or Windows 95 test machine installed anymore and don't plan on any new development for this platform.

    Windows NT now only 0.3% of our user base (and dropping). So it doesn't make financial sense to be spending time adding in features for Windows NT.

    Windows 64bit, Window Vista, Linux support and BurnInTest V5 development are where we are spending our time.